Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lost girl

After a mindless banter turned to a deep and meaningful with my girls, I began to question everything I believed in. For a girl who thought she was lacking a belief system, I suprised myself. Okay so in my theory I believe that we are somewhat given the foundations of life and are to make of it what we choose, but could it be that our life is already pathed out and we are simply following instructions? What if what we think that our irrational acts rebel against what we should do, when in fact the notion was preconceived at birth? And if so then how are we to ever feel independent and proud in the decisions we make for ourselves? In all honesty, I'm more content sticking to my prior thought, in which we are given paths and we choose the steps to take. Even if I am wrong ignorance is, and always will be, bliss.